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Who are we?

Allen Sports Center is a family owned full service sporting good business. We opened in July of 1975 at our current location, 6585 Seminole Blvd., in Seminole, specializing in team, league and corporate sales. Our team of retail and team sales professionals brings over 200 years experience to every customer.

Allen Sports Center has been named by the National Sporting Goods Dealer magazine as one of the top 25 team dealers in the nation for over 10 years. We work with teams and organizations from beginners to many professional teams on a regular basis, offering products from most major manufacturers.

Allen Sports Center is your local hometown sporting goods dealer. Our staff is very ingrained and acquainted with their areas and accounts. Most of them grew up in the areas where they work. Feel free to contact us about your screening, embroidery and equipment needs.

Come in, look around, and stop back often. You are always welcome.

Our Services

Screen Printing

Club shirts? School spirit wear? Gift products with your team’s logo? Screen printing allows personalizing nearly any garment or souvenir item with a vibrantly colored, professional-looking print. Working with proven vendors, we offer you a variety of application techniques and effects, while delivering consistent quality every time you make an order. Whether you need one shirt for the new player or have a large order for multiple garments,
Allen Sports Center
can take care of it.


Customize your team’s uniform
or any other clothing item
with unique branding that will
set you apart from the rest.
Our embroidery service can
give any garment –
from jackets and sports shirts
to hats – a unique look that
will last through hundreds
of games. We transform your
logo into an embroidery design
that will have the look and
texture you have in mind,
and carefully apply it to
each garment you need to

Tennis String Repair

Your racket strings make
all the difference! New strings,
selected to fit your individual
playing style, can give you a
more precise feel of your
racquet, decrease the
vibration, ensure more control,
and ultimately let you hit
each shot the way you want it.
With our wide selection
of strings from reputable
brands and experienced,
trained stringers, we will
empower you with a
new and improved
racquet in no time at all!

Baseball Glove Relacing

Your favorite baseball glove
falling apart, because
the lace is getting old?
Or a new glove just doesn’t
feel right and you are looking
to customize it?
Allen Sports Center
can relace your glove no matter
what its age or condition is,
so you can continue playing with
your lucky glove and be
sure it fits perfectly.
Using professional-quality
materials, we guarantee
your baseball glove will serve
you for many years to come.